Vehicle Battery Replacement



A vehicle’s battery life is anywhere from 4 to 6 years.  Chances are if the vehicle engine will turn over and start from a cable jump, your battery’s life has ended and in need of a replacement.  On the other hand, if the Voltage Regulator or Alternator is bad, your vehicle will not start with a jump and your battery is not able to recharge without the proper voltage distribution.  In this case, a closer diagnostic is necessary by a mechanic.

Bring the old battery to any auto part store or Walmart when making the purchase on a new battery.  Compare size of new battery to the old one.  Credit for the old battery (core) will be applied at the time of purchase.  Keep the receipt for the new battery in glove compartment for life expectancy warranty.  For reference purpose, it’s a good idea to mark the purchase date on the battery with a permanent marker.

The following tools will be necessary for this project:

27 mm Wrench
(May not Be Necessary)
Ratchet Socket Set

Step-by-step Guide for
Vehicle Battery Replacement