CE Tech Wall Plate Installation
HDMI/ Ethernet / Coaxial


Even though the following technique is used for the installation of an Ethernet/Coaxial/HDMI connection wall plate, it also applies to any other gang old work installation.  The following photos entail installation through a plaster/drywall opening, however, the installation procedure can be utilize for wood cabinet or masonry outlet installations.

The complete installation of the wall plate

The face plate and old gang cab be purhcased at your local Hardware store such as Home Depot:  The HDMI/Coaxial/Ethernet face plate goes for $15.00.


The Old Gang comes if different color:

the following Tools will be necessary.  Use the proper drill bit based on the installation:

Using the old gang,

Position and trace the cutout shape with a pencil.

Using either a wood, masonry, or a regular drill bit, drill out the four corners.

Insert the drywall saw into one of the drilled out holes and cur along the line.

Remove the Custout drywall piece.

Insert the Old Work Love Voltage Gang.

Tighten up the 2 bracket holding screws

Make your connections from the face plate to the wires in the wall.  Test the connection before screwing on the face plate to Old Gang.

The installation should be clean and concise.

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